The naturally pure deep salt from the Luisenhall salt works not only has a unique history, but also special properties. What is the difference to other salt?

Deep underground, the Luisenhaller salt is protected from environmental influences

Why we use Luisenhaller salt


  • unique structure optimally absorbs essential oils
  • protected from environmental pollution
  • high content of minerals and trace elements

Original salt from the Luisenhall salt works is extracted at a depth of 460 metres from the brine of a 250 million year old primeval sea.

Unique deep salt

Photographs taken under an electron microscope show the special structure of Luisenhall deep salt: while the crystals of evaporated salt have a rough but closed surface, deep salt has a kind of crater landscape. With the help of these tiny cave systems, the salt crystals can literally absorb our essential oils. In the tub, the bath salt dissolves and releases the active ingredients bound in it into the water.

Young woman relaxing in the bathtub

Another advantage: Unlike many other salts, the primal salt in the depths of the Luisenhaller earth is protected from environmental pollution - and therefore free from harmful residues from fine dust and exhaust fumes, for example.

So you can sit back, relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the scent of the essential oils in our bath salts.

Depending on the plant from which these oils were extracted, they have a different effect on body and mind. So you can select the bath salts that are right for you.

The origin of our bath salts

The Luisenhall salt works

By the way, the all-natural thermal brine salt from Luisenhall is an original product made in Germany: The salt works is located almost exactly in the middle of Germany and is the only remaining pan boiler plant in Europe. As an industrial monument, it can be visited on request.

There is not only something exciting for the eyes, but also for the taste buds: The original salt from the boiling plant is so pure that it also makes a real difference on the plate. Just try it out, it's worth a visit!

Industrial monument Saline Luisenhall

Tradition connects

The Kneipp® brand and the Luisenhall salt works definitely have one thing in common: a long history. The primal salt is mined there using a centuries-old traditional process. The thermal brine is pumped to the surface from a depth of over 460 metres. At this depth, it has previously been enriched from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old primordial sea. It is therefore unaffected by harmful environmental influences.

The mining is as original as the salt itself

During the extraction process, the brine undergoes a purification process in the course of which it is aerated and fed into settling tanks to free it from soil and clay. At the surface, the liquid brine is collected in oak tubs that are around 150 years old. A walk-in wood-burning stove still heats the huge boiling pans in which the brine then simmers incessantly, while the timber-frame building groans heavily under the weight of many decades.

Not much has changed in the way Luisenhall deep salt is produced since 1850 - only the technology has been slightly modernised. Why change what is already good...?