The spa day at home
The spa day at home

The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

If you’re lucky enough to have the time, money, and access to a luxurious spa, you understand the benefits of immersing yourself in wellness and the impact such “indulgences” can have on your daily life. But it’s important to remember that restoration and relaxation are not simply indulgences at all, and they don’t have to happen in a spa. In fact, they can be conjured up quite comfortably right at home in your own bathroom.

You might be asking yourself: But what about the kids? Is my bathtub big enough? Am I going to spend just as much money on stuff to use at home? When will I find the time? But fear not. We’ve got a few (okay, like a lot) of trusty tips and tricks up our sleeves for the ultimate at-home spa day. Read on and get ready for some serious relaxation. 

Unplug (Yes, Literally)

Technology is our constant companion, and it’s probably hard to imagine a day without it. However, constant availability is a huge stressor for many people—meaning your day or moments of relaxation would probably be best spent alone. We recommend putting your phone, laptop, and other devices (and yes, take off your Apple Watch) in another room. If you want to put on a favorite playlist or need to keep your phone on hand for any reason, at a bare minimum, mute those work notifications. . This is your time!

Woman lying on the coach and reading a book.

Find Your Flow

Very few people experience it regularly or even know when they last experienced such a flow. Sports, for example, can trigger this state. Thoughts of obligations, worries and fears are then dissolved, you focus on the here and now, movements run as if by themselves.

lndulge All the Senses 

Combine your body pampering activities with other sensory indulgences, like a favorite candle for aromatherapy benefits (scent), a calming playlist (hearing), and a delicious warm tea (taste)-and added relaxation. Don't limit yourself to just one selection. Creating an environment that feels a little over-the-top is a good way to know you're doing at-home spa day right. After all, this isn't your everyday bath routine. 

Choose Intentional Pampering

Choose Intentional Pampering

The right body care is, of course, a large part of any proper spa experience. To thoroughly benefit your body, begin with a warm, relaxing bath—choosing a bubble bath, salt, or bath oil to set the mood you are looking to achieve (or work on the problem issue you’re trying to erase). In addition to a luxe bath soak, consider applying a face or hair mask, practicing self-massage, or taking a few extra post-bath steps, like layering on lotion and body oil, and allowing yourself time to lounge around in cozy socks and a robe. 

At-Home Spa "Moments"

We hear it all time (and even say it ourselves sometimes)- there’s no time for this! But finding a few moments for a warm (not too hot), 15-18 minute bath with a soothing and beneficial bath additive can do so much in so little time. And not to mention, with so little fuss. Shorter, more frequent baths are recommended to maintain wellness and are much easier to fit into a busy routine. Follow the instructions laid out above, just cut them down a bit: unplug!, bathe after the kids are asleep so you can get right into a cozy bed, use body oil afterwards on damp skin). If you can do the at-home spa day, you will be amazed at how much can be gained, but don’t rule out a short bath- they make a world of difference.