The spa day at home
The spa day at home

The spa day at home

Anyone can dive into a wellness temple. But the soothing relaxation is not always found there. Too full saunas, commotion in the lounges and hardly any space in the pool are often to blame for the fact that a spa day in the wellness oasis means more stress than relaxation. So why not just have a spa day at home? You can find the instructions here.

1. broadcast break on spa day at home

Technology is our constant companion and it is hard to imagine today's everyday life without it. However, the constant accessibility is increasingly becoming a burden for many. Restlessness and restlessness are often the result. It is therefore all the more important to take a break regularly and to switch off properly in the truest sense of the word.

This means: mobile phone, laptop, tablet, phone and co. belong switched off during a spa day at home.

2. on spa day: be in the flow

When was the last time you were really attentive, concentrated and completely with yourself? Think about which activity fulfilled you and in which you were completely absorbed. Because this state, also called "flow" in psychology, often comes too short.

Very few people experience it regularly or even know when they last experienced such a flow. Sport, for example, can trigger this state. Thoughts of obligations, worries and fears are then dissolved, you focus on the here and now, movements run as if by themselves.

Your spa day at home is all about relaxation. So exercise is less about powering out and more about fluid movements that help you get away from the fast-paced daily grind.

Not in the mood for exercise today? On your personal wellness day, go with your gut. In addition to exercise, there are many activities that can help you get into a flow: Drawing and painting, reading or listening to music are all great ways to get you fully focused and deeply relaxed at the same time. So grab a book, put on your favourite playlist or pick up a pencil - you'll notice how good it is to get away from it all.

3rd Spa Day at Home: Care from Head to Toe

Of course, a proper spa day at home also includes proper body care. Treat yourself to a real pampering programme, starting with a nice, soothing warm bath. It provides a pleasant, tingling feeling on the skin and lets you dive into another world with relaxing fragrances - an experience for all senses.

You should really celebrate bathing on your spa day. Take your time, light a candle, listen to relaxing music in the background and give your skin an extra dose of attention: during the bath, for example, you can apply a soothing face mask that has a calming effect on the skin and lets you get out of the tub with a new glow.

You can also do something good for the skin on your legs and arms while bathing: our cream-oil peelings are applied to moist skin and are therefore wonderfully suitable for use in the bath. Simply stretch your legs and arms out of the water, massage in the scrub and then rinse off in the bath water. Try it out: Your skin will be soft to the touch afterwards.

Important after the bath: Supply your skin - depending on skin type - with sufficient moisture. Often the skin tends to become dry due to the hot water. If you have used the cream-oil peeling, this is often enough. Skin oils and body lotionswith vegetable oilsalso restore sufficient moisture to the skin. The same applies to body care on your spa day as to bathing: Take your time! Combine the application of cream with a massage. A little pressure on the muscles, lightly tugging the skin - all this stimulates the circulation and promotes relaxation.

4th Spa Day: Indulgence for all the senses

On your spa day at home, don't forget to enjoy the culinary delights. A delicious, hot tea warms you from the inside and contributes significantly to relaxation. A bit of chocolate or a delicious cupcake will round off the pleasure. After all, in the spirit of Kneipp, it's all about balance. It is also allowed to have a nibble. Candlelight and flowers also create a cosy atmosphere.