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Kneipp Valerian and Hops and Lavender bath products for better sleep

Valerian and Hops

Enjoy a therapeutic moment of rest and relaxation with Valerian Essential Oils and Hops Extract.

Kneipp bath salts and bath soaks for wellness, detox and revitalization above and beyond epsom salts which are chemically processed

Bath Detox & Revival

Discover the infinite benefits of our therapeutic bath soaks rich in minerals and wellness.

kneipp best sellers in bath and shower and body care products

Best Sellers

Discover customer favorites and best sellers with wellness boosting benefits you're sure to want and love.

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Skin Care on Sale

Face Care

Beloved skin care to hydrate, soften and replenish your skin with plant-based ingredients.

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Plant-based Bath, Body and Skin Care by Kneipp

For over 125 years, Kneipp has created plant-based bath and body products designed to improve well-being. We offer a complete range of therapeutic products, including bath salts, herbal bath oils packed with essential oils, bubble bath, arnica creams and gels, shower foams and wash, scrubs, body and massage oils and more. Our unique collections stimulate the senses and provide the perfect escape from life's daily struggles. The company was founded in Germany by Sebastian Kneipp, a pioneer in the naturopathic and hydrotherapy movements. His passion for medicinal plants and the power of water continue to inspire our collections today. Kneipp is the leading brand in Germany and sold in over 30 countries worldwide.