Healthy sleep - sleep better

Today's lifestyle demands a lot from us. Permanent accessibility and constant communication, flexible working hours and a busy schedule are often no exception. That is why regeneration is so important for us. We need our recovery units so that we can perform at full capacity or stay healthy. Sleeping is therefore an important building block for relaxation and recreation. But what exactly does healthy sleep do for us? What is the truth about the much-cited beauty sleep? How much sleep is healthy?

Healthy sleep is the best medicine

A lot helps a lot! In this case, the saying is not true - at least not across the board for everyone. Rather, it depends on the individual sleep needs of each person, how much sleep is perceived as sufficient. The quality of sleep and not the duration of sleep is decisive. Between five and nine hours a night is good if you can perform at full capacity during the day and into the evening and feel fit. What is it about sleep that gives us new energy? What does healthy sleep mean?

What happens to our bodies when we sleep?

During sleep, our body releases the hormone melatonin. This causes our body to switch from day to night mode. During sleep, our entire body and immune system regenerate. We digest food and store learned information in the brain. Our body releases a hormone that burns fats and tightens our skin. In this respect, the fairy tale of beauty sleep is at least partially true.

Midday nap - this is how it works!

Is a nap healthy? Yes, a short nap is very healthy sleep. It improves your concentration and performance so that you can successfully cope with the rest of the day. Just make sure you don't rest for more than 30 minutes. A longer duration has the opposite effect. If you have sleep problems, you should also refrain from taking a nap. Otherwise, allow yourself a short nap as often as possible.