Colours and their effect on our mood
Colours and their effect on our mood

Flower power and colour effects: How colours influence our moods

Let's be honest: Is there a more beautiful time of the year than when everything starts to bloom and the trees turn fresh green? When the plant world throws off its grey veil and turns into an explosion of colour? The colors of fresh flowers and plants are balm for the soul and with a little basic knowledge of color effects you can even take advantage of this effect.

Colour effect: small guide

1.) Yellow stands for happiness and friendship: The radiance of lemon yellow is not only infectious due to its natural intensity, but also vitalizes the senses with its freshness.

2.) Pink stands for balance and protection: Almond blossoms and roses are particularly delicate and versatile in cosmetic products. The colour has a calming aura and stands for a feeling of safety and security.

3.) Opinions are divided on the meaning of the colour purple: for some it is exciting and electrifying, for others it is pure and harmonious. The beauty and beguiling scent of fresh lilac, on the other hand, is undisputed and creates feelings of happiness. In the case of lavender, opinions differ even more. The scent of lavender has a harmonizing effect, but it meets with enthusiasm and aversion in equal measure.

4.) Do you want to make a new start? Then orange is the right colour, because it stands for curiosity and creativity. A bouquet of fresh marigolds or wild tulips on the desk is a wonderful source of inspiration.

Flowers: the easiest way for colorful variety at home.

Adding colour without painting the walls? Without new furniture and home accessories? We rely on flower power and show you how you can easily transform your home into a blooming oasis of well-being or surprise your loved ones with a self-tied bouquet: