Escape the stress of everyday life with our helpful tips for a relaxing bath.

The room temperature is also important for a relaxing bath

Tip 1: Pleasant room temperature for bathing

Not only the water temperature should be chosen consciously. The room temperature also makes sure that we feel like a million bucks when we take a bath. 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect. So if necessary, heat up the room well in advance - if only to avoid a sharp difference in temperature when you get out of the bath again.

The color blue stands for rest and relaxation

Tip 2: Colours create atmosphere when bathing

What many bathing enthusiasts do not know: In addition to beneficial ingredients and fragrances the colour of the bath water also has a special effect on body and mind. Depending on your preference, colours can lift, invigorate or calm your mood. Yellow, for example, has a refreshing and stimulating effect. It is suitable for tiredness and listlessness and is basically positive.

Blue, for example, is recommended for calming and relaxation. Warm and coordinated colours also create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom. These can be found in bath mats, towels or beautiful decorative items. The use of colour therapy helps to appeal to even more senses and thus contribute to a more holistic sense of well-being.

Tip 3: Delicate fragrances enchant in the bathtub

A bath is an experience for all the senses - provided you allow it. In addition to light and acoustic stimuli, scents also help to create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose your bath additive according to your own preference and according to a scent that smells good to you. Fragrances are not only delightful for your senses, but they also have an effect on your well-being. There is a suitable fragrance for every need.

Tip 4: Indulge in candlelight and favourite music

Tip 4: Indulge in candlelight and favourite music

If you want to take a relaxing bath, you should avoid bright light. Dimmed light sources such as candles are much more suitable. They calm your body and mind.

The same applies to subtle music. But be careful: rhythms that are too fast can cause your heart to beat faster - anything but ideal if you want to calm down.

Tip 5: Combine relaxation with pleasure

Tip 5: Combine relaxation with pleasure

Relaxation and pleasure - a perfect duo. Combine your stay in the bathtub with a culinary treat. A cup of tea or a fresh juice will support your well-being. You can also enjoy a piece of chocolate - everything is allowed. The main thing is that it contributes to your relaxation. This is another reason why you should not eat any large meals beforehand. A full stomach is a challenge for the body. If it is still busy digesting while you are lying in the bath, this can overstrain the body, and the relaxation will not take place.

Pampering program with our cream-oil peeling
Our pampering cream-oil peeling rounds off the beauty program.

Tip 6: Beauty program included

Bathing combines relaxation with care: whether a hair treatment or a face mask, use the time to let the care products take effect. And a relaxed care ritual is also a good idea after the bath. Body lotions restore moisture to the skin and strengthen its natural protective layer.

However, if you enjoy using our therapeutic bath oils, you can save yourself the skin care that follows the bath. Kneipp bath oils are particularly rich and have a high proportion of lipid-replenishing oils that help care for the skin and keep it feeling pampered even after you're out of the bath. When drying off, show your skin some TLC by gently patting it with a towel--do not rub it!

Take time to relax even after bathing

Tip 7: After the rest is before the rest

After the bath, you should enjoy its relaxing effect for as long as possible. Our tip: Keep relaxing! Put off any stressful activities and switch your mobile phone to do not disturb, then get on the sofa, read a book, meditate or go to bed. Your body will thank you.