Kneipp’s Five Pillars: Plants


Why are plants so important for our health? Sebastian Kneipp discovered and processed numerous herbal remedies directly using nature’s resources.

Kneipp viewed plants and herbs as celebrated gifts offered by nature, brimming with innate benefits and functions to generate good health. His passion, dedication and knowledge of nature’s benefits <s>l</s>ed to the creation of Kneipp, where our unique and beneficial products embrace the best of nature and science.

I have rediscovered the old forgotten and neglected little herbs, proven their healing power and healed many.

Sebastian Kneipp

Herbal Remedies

Sebastian Kneipp, regarded as the “herb pastor,” discovered over 40 plant remedies, with Arnica being one of his favorite herbs. The “herb pastor” processed these herbal remedies to form medicines, treatments and eventually bath and body products. True to its founder’s vision, Kneipp® products harmoniously incorporate the holistic philosophy, treasury of plant knowledge and rigorous scientific research and testing. Our R&D team consists of plant experts, pharmacists, biologists and dermatologists who meticulously select the plants to be incorporated into our natural blends of body and skin care.

Shop our plant-derived bath, body and skin care products to discover the power of nature for yourself.

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