Sebastian Kneipp: The Healing Power of Water


Water contains healing; it is the simplest, cheapest and – if used correctly – the safest remedy.

Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp had an eventful life story. As a young man, he developed tuberculosis – at that time, it was an incurable disease. Yet the priest was able to cure himself with water immersion baths and water therapy experiences that he created in the Danube. With this discovery, the foundation of his water cure was laid. Now Kneipp focused intensively on the health-promoting power of water and plants.

His water applications are still very popular today. In fact, local residents visit our Germany headquarters to walk through the baths and enhance their health. Not to mention, these water cures are easy to perform. In 2015, the German UNESCO Committee even decided to recognize "Kneippen (water-treading) as traditional knowledge and practice according to the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp" as a form of intangible cultural heritage.