A cold arm bath – or a "Kneipp espresso"

Arme in einem Wasserbad

Do you need coffee first thing to wake up? But not in the evening, because otherwise you won't be able to fall asleep? Sebastian Kneipp had a tip for you: the "Kneipp espresso." This cold arm bath can also be referred to as the healthy cup of coffee. Because it stimulates without over-stimulating. An invigorating effect without any problems later falling asleep.

What the application does:

  • Strengthens the immune defenses of the upper airways
  • Promotes circulation of the blood
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Supports blood flow within the heart muscle
  • Refreshes in the case of exhaustion and fatigue
  • Relieves pain in the case of elbow discomfort

Here's how to do it:

  • A good time for the Kneipp espresso is late morning or early afternoon – and otherwise as needed.
  • Fill the washbasin with cold water (12 to 18 degrees Celsius/54 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • At the start, your arms and hands should be warm. If the hands are nonetheless cold, performing a cold bath is strongly discouraged! They indicate circulatory problems which could become worse with cold water.
  • Now immerse your arms in the water, up to the middle of the upper arm, until a feeling of cold becomes noticeable (about 30 to 40 seconds).
  • During this time, breathe calmly and deeply, and smile – that never hurts.
  • Then gently wipe the water off your arms.
  • Now take care to rewarm yourself: Put on clothing and swing the arms back and forth.

If you have angina pectoris and organic heart disease, you should proceed carefully with the cold arm bath.

Before wiping the water off your arms, you can gently wet the back of your neck. This is particularly refreshing because the cardiovascular and respiratory center is located here.