Sebastian Kneipp - A Life in Balance with Nature

Sebastian Kneipp and the philosophy based on Kneipp's life and practices

The life story of Sebastian Kneipp is closely connected with his holistic philosophy of embracing plants and nature to remain in good health. Suffering from tubercolosis, Kneipp was determined to find a cure and began looking into various methods of healing. When he managed to heal his illness with cold water hydrotherapy in the Danube River, his spirit for research was kindled.

Kneipp dedicated the remainder of his life to expanding his knowledge on the healing powers of water and medicinal plants and began forming his systematic set of beliefs. The priest and naturopath, Kneipp, created a holistic life concept which sees the human being, his life habits and his natural environment  as an inseparable and well-balanced unity.

His findings are the foundation of the brand Kneipp® and the building blocks for our collection of bath, body and skin care products.

Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health.

Sebastian Kneipp