Kneipp’s Five Pillars: Water

fließendes Wasser

Water is the core element of Sebastian Kneipp’s five pillars one of the most significant and safest aids found in nature. Through consumption and skin application, Kneipp discovered over 120 water cures to enhance the health of skin, boost the immune system and prevent disease. Just one of the hundreds of water cures, Kneipp invented Facial Hydrotherapy Treatments to tighten the appearance of skin.

The Power of Hydrotherapy

The effectiveness and benefits of water therapy were seen by Sebastian Kneipp first-hand, who treated his own pulmonary tuberculosis by using a water cure. His motto was "If there is a remedy for me, it will be water."

The Kneipp water cures consist of different body treatments with combinations of hot and cold water. The Kneipp water cures are easy to use and can be performed right in your own bathroom or home. Try one for yourself – in our Kneipp stores, we offer a demonstration of the Expresso Cure to demonstrate a way to improve circulation.   

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