Skin oil
Skin oil

Wat is droge olie?

"Dry" and "oil"? That is a contradiction in terms. So what exactly is dry oil and how can I care for my skin with it?

We clarify: Our "Nourishing Dry Oil" nourishes your skin intensively, but at the same time absorbs quickly, without any greasy film. Therefore, your skin is both nourished and dry at the same time. How does it work? We asked Jürgen Blaak, Head of Cosmetic Science and Regulatory Affairs at Kneipp®, about our new dry oil.

Mr. Blaak, "dry oil" sounds like a contradiction in terms ...

In fact, it is not a contradiction. Rather, the light texture of our "dry oil" brings the effect exactly to the point. The oils used, also known as dry oils, contain unsaturated fatty acids and are therefore quickly absorbed. Thus, there is no annoying greasy film on the skin and you enjoy the caring benefits of an oil.

Non-dry oils are naturally absorbed into the skin. However, their saturated fatty acids leave a greasy film on the skin surface. This need not be a disadvantage: When non-dry oils are used as massage oils, for example, it is advantageous that the oil remains on the skin for a long time, thus providing the optimum conditions for a pleasant massage.

What are the special features of the oils contained?

We use argan and camellia oil, among others, in our "Nourishing Dry Oil". Argan oil consists of about 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids and thus supports the quick "drying" effect. The unsaturated fatty acids of argan oil also help to moisturize the skin without interfering with the body's own moisturizing mechanisms.

Our dry oil is thus completely absorbed into the skin, does not become greasy and makes it velvety soft and supple with the help of camellia oil. In addition, the oils contained promote the barrier properties and regeneration of the skin.

For which skin types is the dry oil suitable?

The dry oil contains many lipids and vitamins. These help to preserve the moisture content of the upper layer of the skin, build up the lipid barrier and make especially dry as well as stressed skin soft and smooth again. The dry oil is suitable for all skin types - even for mature skin.

In general, our dry oil is suitable for daily body, face and hair care and can also be combined with other care products. Especially for very dry skin conditions, a supplement with richer care products can be useful.

How, where and how often is it used?

The dry oil should be sprayed thinly onto the skin from a distance of about 10 cm and rubbed in gently. For facial care, spray a little oil into the palm of your hand and massage in with your fingers - avoiding the eye area.

To nourish the hair, apply a little oil on dry or still damp hair and distribute to the ends of the hair. It cares for hair stressed by coloring or hot hair dryer air - the result is shiny and smooth hair. For a cure, it can also be kneaded into dry hair in the evening before shampooing to leave on (overnight).

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