Woman during a back massage.
Woman during a back massage.
Touching ritual for body and soul:

The aroma oil massage - simply heavenly

And it is probably no coincidence that the word ethereal was also used for "heavenly" in earlier times. Because essential oils, which are extracted from plant components such as leaves, flowers and peels, not only exude heavenly scents; they also make every aromatic oil massage a truly "uplifting" experience. Which aroma is used in the massage oil depends entirely on the desired effect: From relaxing to invigorating - with an aromatic oil massage you can feel, smell and experience the power of nature up close.

Woman in prone position on massage table.

How to:

Aroma oil massage: procedure, ingredients and co.

Why not make something good even better? A massage with essential oils as an additive can do just that! After all, they add that "certain droplet of something" to almost any type of massage - whether it's the back, the neck area, the foot reflex zones or other body regions that are being massaged.

Of course, body and mind can blossom completely during a full body massage, because here essential oils have plenty of space and time to fully unfold their effects.

Would you like to give a loved one such a sensual experience? You can easily perform a massage with fragrant massage oils yourself. And here's how easy it is:

Before the massage:

  • First, make the room as comfortable as possible - perhaps with a few candles or dim lights, relaxing music and a pleasant temperature.
  • You should always use a soft, body-sized towel (such as a bath towel) as a base so that no oil stains remain on the couch or bed.
  • Now comes the main ingredient - the massage oil.

But be careful: essential oils are not massage oils and must not be used on the skin in their pure form. Therefore, use commercially available massage oils for your massage.

Woman on massage table during massage.

During the massage:

  • Drizzle a little massage oil on your palms and rub it in. This also warms the oil slightly, making the massage even more pleasant.
  • Start in the prone position: Begin with slow, sweeping massage movements, working your way from the neck to the back. Use your fingers and the heels of your hands, according to the comfort of the person being massaged. In the area of the spine, you should be very careful and leave out the skin areas above the spine.
  • Then it's the lower body's turn: start here at the back of the thighs and massage downwards to the feet.
  • Now turn your partner in the supine position: it goes with gentle pressure from the feet upwards (be careful with the joints) gently over the abdomen to the shoulders.

After the massage:

  • Candles off, clothes on, back to everyday life ... would be a bit too fast after all. In any case, give the person time to let the massage take effect.

Our recommendation: Our Kneipp massage oils are not only carefully composed for the desired effect(s), but also consist of high-quality ingredients.

Know what:

Pipette with oil on light gray background.

What essential oil is best for what

Anyone who walks through forests and meadows with their eyes open may sometimes believe they hear a voice asking, "What can I help you with today?" Because Sebastian Kneipp already knew that nature in all its diversity is often the best pharmacy.

A very popular essential oil used in massage oils is that of the lavender plant. Lavender oil soothes and can contribute to restful sleep. It is quite similar with the essential oils of Swiss stone pine and amyris, which we have combined in the Kneipp massage oil Good Night.

In the massage oil You & Me, the slightly aphrodisiac scent of the cedarwood oil again enters into a wonderful combination with the harmonizing, relaxing patchouli oil .

And while we're on the subject of relaxation, the essential oil of the ylang ylang tree should not be missing. We have also named our massage oil after it, which will give you a wonderful time-out with its sensual and exotic scent.

Also recommended by physiotherapists is Kneipp Massage Oil Back & Neck Wellbeing. Through the heat released during a massage, the essential oils of Kneipp Massage Oil Back & Neck Well unfold their natural fragrance effect. The valuable essential cajeput oil supports the relaxing massage effect.

Unbedingt beachten:

Who should avoid aromatic oil massages

One more important massage message in conclusion: as heavenly as aromatic oil massages may be, caution is still advised for some groups of people. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with pre-existing conditions should consult their physician before using aromatic oil massages. In the case of open wounds, it is better to avoid an aromatic oil massage altogether.

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